Corporate Governance

Euticals organisational model ex. 231/2001 Legislative Decree

Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001 introduced rules and regulations concerning the administrative responsibility of companies. These rules and regulations state that companies can be held responsible, and consequently subject to fines, for any offences committed or any attempts to commit offences in the interests or to the advantage of the company itself by the company’s directors or employees.

Companies in order to avoid the abovementioned responsibility can, therefore, adopt organisational, management and control models designed to prevent these offences (“Model”); the principles of these models have been based on the code of practice (guidelines) drawn up by Confindustria (Italian Manufacturers’ Association).

In the meeting of 30 July 2009, the Board of Directors of Euticals S.p.A approved its own “Organisational, management and control model document”, created in cooperation with Rossotto&Partners Law Firm, and its “Ethical Code” in accordance with the Legislative Decree 231.

In the meeting of 21 December 2012, the company Board of Directors unanimously approved the overall updating of the Model in reflection of the organisational changes within Euticals due to the acquisition of Poli Industria Chimica in 2010 and Archimica Group in 2011 and of developments in case law and legal theory as well.

The actual composition of the Euticals Watch Structure Board, instituited in 2009 with the goal of keeping watch on the Organisational Model effective enforcement and updating, playing therefore a pivotal role in Euticals legal compliance system, was establishd in September 2012 when the Board of Directors elected three members selected among academics and professionals with experience in engeenering, accounting and law matters.

In order to facilitate the collection of information such as potential infringement of either Organisational Model document or Ethic Code, in addition to the possibility to send a written communication to Euticals administrative seat located at Viale Milano 86/88 Lodi – 26900, the following "information channel" was set up:


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